It’s great to see it happen right out in the open.

I said they’re coming unglued and here’s the proof as posted on the Pulp’s blog late yesterday:

“Marty and Stephanie had a clique of their own and were the primary benefactors of all of those misplaced classroom additions. Poor Marty, Stephanie used him pretty hard for a long time. He must understand exactly what Notter is going through right now, only second to Marko and Parks. Marty likes to divert the public’s attention to the notion that staff created this “fraud” and that is not only disingenuous…it is an outright lie. He was involved in reaping the rewards of the political capital bought by offering support for the Sterling gang. He thinks he can re-write history by attacking Hammerhead and providing a hack’s analysis of Hammerhead’s comments. Problem: the only people listening are the people who want to hear his spin…as they often pay for his services (providing a diversion from the truth).”

He’s like Indiana Jones, making things up as he goes along.

Only Score Keeper’s no Indiana Jones.

At the beginning, he couldn’t tell the difference between Stephanie and me, but it was crystal clear that he had a hard on for Stephanie.

He still does.

Marty likes to divert the public’s attention to the notion that staff created this “fraud” and that is not only disingenuous…it is an outright lie.

Not quite.

If you must believe that Score Keeper has any credibility at all, then you absolutely must believe the following:

There were no year upon year of delays in projects costing taxpayers millions in rising costs.

There was no thirteen year failure to complete Ft. Lauderdale High.

Mike Garretson and his staff never recommended the purchase of swampland.

Mike Garretson never permitted three contractors to overcharge at least $50,000 per classroom.

Mike Garreston never lied about AshBritt’s “handwritten” purchase order.

Staff never switched numbers to justify West Broward High.

Tom Coates never pushed the purchase of West Broward’s property forward before all the details were ironed out.

There was no explosion of student population between 1992 and 2005.

The 2002 Grand Jury never directed the School Board to build on the west side of the county.

There was no Class Size amendment.

There was no refusal of the legislature to adequately fund the required building program.

There were no fines levied by the state for failure to meet class size requirements.

There was no need to replace moldy and too expensive to maintain portables.

There was no back biting causing delays in projects.

Staff never lied to the 2010 Grand Jury about the Master Plan and other things.

In order to believe Score Keeper’s ridiculous claims, you’d have to believe that not one of these things happened.

Oh, I forgot one very important thing:

No Board members or family got jobs with builders and contractors as Hammerhead claimed.

But a number of retiring FACILITIES STAFF did…

Jobs with Cummings.  Jobs with Padula. and Pirtle, too.

Hmmm… Think there might just be a connection here?

The megalomanic’s been exposed for what he truly is.

Incompetent, Arrogant, and a liar.

Score Keeper and his cohorts lied to the Grand Jury and he knows it.

And certainly now, builders and contractors won’t even consider hiring anybody from the distirct ever again.

As I once said, Keeper posts under a pseudonym to hide in the dark.

Had anything he claimed had even the slightest ring of truth, he’d post under his real name and he’d be a hero.

Even Bob Norman has the gonads to publish his misinformation out in the open.

Only vermin hide in the dark.