Okay, Notter’s leaving on his own accord and that’s certainly better than the alternative.

He knows how to count votes and he didn’t have the five he needed.

But why was Notter selected in the first place?

When I was a Board member, Notter was number two in the chain of command.

His boss, Frank Till was corrupt and there’s absolutely no question.

Without needing to examine any other actions, Till’s refusal to prosecute or even fire managers that he knew were corrupt was more than enough to set that in stone.

So not only was his boss corrupt, but a number of Notter’s subordinates were corrupt as well.

What?  Only one or two?  Not even close.

I don’t need to name names.  Just read the newspaper archives over the last four years and each and every one of them worked under Frank Till and then him under Notter.

From the bid rigging to the slimy swamp land deal, handing out of no bid contracts while taking vendor paid junkets, hiring friends and relatives, and so much more.

There’s no way Notter couldn’t have known

While on the subject of friends and relatives, where’s Ruben Parker?

Suspended in late 2009 while being investigated on sexual harrassment and other charges, it’s now almost a year and a half later.

A year and a half of investigation with no action?

Now that’s a real problem with the distict, not the fantasies put out by others.

Notter himself even took some of the “graft” in the form of vendor paid junkets and only fired the guy that handed out the no-bid contracts, the master “junket taker” only after the facts were exposed in the news media.

The very same bid rigger that Till refused to fire not once, but twice.

But as I said, Notter fired the guy more than two years after he was first exposed as being corrupt.

With the evidence stacked against the man why two years?

Again, a real problem with the district.  Not the drummed up fantasies of corrupt staff.

Notter wanted Till out, and I know it for a fact.

That fact came clear in a nudge and a comment at a Weston elementary school dedication of a new addition.

The comment?  “Keep up the effort,” as the day of Till’s firing approached.

Scheming to replace Till?  Or wanting to end the reign of incompetence and corruption?

One certainly worked, while the other resulted in a Grand Jury investigation.

When the day came to choose an interim, The Board chose Notter with the condition that the interim would not be permitted to apply for the permanent job.

Surprise!  My vote went to Dr. Earlean Smiley.

Soon after the selection of the interim, my term ended.

History shows that Notter maneuvered the Board to not only drop the pre condition, but to choose him as Till’s permanent replacement.

Considering who the Board Chair was that year, I have to wonder.

An inside source tells me that Notter was planning “change” three years ago.

Three subsequent years of nothing?

A smoke screen.

And now four years after taking the helm, we know that Notter did essentially nothing about the staff corruption and incompetence.

Forcing Garretson to retire in order to replace him with Tom Lindner?

A stretch at best.

Garretson was a man with Federal and State investigators breathing down his neck.

He had no other option but to get out on his own.

But Notter permitted Garretson to pay off archtects on cancelled  projects, pay overtime when specifically instruted to end the practice, and continue with “poor” record keeping..

Is there a connection?

It’s your turn to add two plus two.