I hate to borrow a phrase from John Stossell, but GIVE ME A BREAK!

I like art as much as the next guy but spending any amount of money on beautifying the new court house isn’t the wisest move right now.

The county is robbing Peter to pay Paul, looking to shrink staff and cut back on more services in order to balance a shrinking budget.

I would expect that the designs of the new court house interiors and exteriors are aesthetically pleasing in their own right.

If not, then the project might be better served by changing architects.

The expenditure is ludicrous and unnecessary.

But if the county must…

$610,000 will purchase up to 61,000 small Thomas Kinkade prints that can be distributed to art fans around the county.

It’ll certainly make for more jobs.

It’ll make more work for the artist, Thomas Kinkade.

It’ll make more work for art stores and galleries which will have to hire hundreds of sales people to handle the volume along with extra delivery people to ship the artwork.

Needless to say, the art stores and galleries will reap a much needed economic boost as well.

And the recipients will have their homes of offices brightened.

All in all, it’s a real mini economic stimulus and a much better use of the taxpayers’ $610,000.

Better yet, since the money more than likely comes from the construction budget, how about adding more handicapped parking spaces or improving handicapped facilities within the building rather than just meeting code?