Not heeding advice given four years ago to “get rid of Garretson and Till’s senior staff” has defintiely come back to bite Jim Notter in the ass.

During my term as a School Board member and even beyond, I’ve been a staunch advocate for changing the structure of the School District to provide for a CEO and a Superintendent.

The job’s just too damn big for one man and I knew the truth going in.

Frank Petriuzello couldn’t handle it.

Frank Till couldn’t handle it.

And it’s clear that after almost four and a half years, Jim Notter can’t handle it, either.

The structure of the district can and must be changed, and the change must happen quickly.

The Board must hire an experienced CEO to take the district’s helm with a subordinate that manages the educational portion of the district.

Notter would fill that subordinate position very well.

No offense to Notter, but it’s the same complaint that I’ve had for many years, the same complaint of ineptitude with educators running major departments within the distirct.

The exception would be an educator managing education programs and policy.

Educators have no business running large corporations let alone large departments within and that’s been one of the major failures of the district.

The culture of corruption inside the district is not new and the fact that at least three Superintendents couldn’t or wouldn’t get a handle on it is absolute proof.

The Broward School District needs an experienced CEO at the helm, not an educator.

Even though I will not weigh in on the accusations of Board members meddling in purchasing or steering construction contracts, an experienced CEO would not have permitted the district to get into that position in the first place, and likely would have fired department heads like Mike Garretson, Vijay Sonty and Ruben Parker within the first year.

Staff members and managers would not have needed to use a dictionary to look up the word “accountability.”

But the sheer weight of corruption in senior staff coupled with the ineptitude of middle and lower level staff is stuff of which legends are made.

The fact that Notter could not get his hands around that corruption and ineptitude since taking the helm in 2006 speaks volumes.

We’re not talking corruption and ineptitude developing under Notter’s administration, but decades of ingrained systemic problems.

The reality is that a Superintendent’s job is a thankless one, but it’s too much for a guy like Notter considering all of the factors.

There’s only one way to get rid of it and that’s by hiring a leader that not only inspires confidence, but can be a real prick when necessary.

Notter’s not that guy.

I hate to advocate pushing a capable guy out of a job, but failure to gain control of an errant, unresposive, incompetent and corrupt staff after four years says differently.

In a smaller system, Notter would likely be a shining star.

But not here.

It’s time to move on.

In the next article, I’ll show you the kind of leader Broward needs.